Xxine Languages

NEWS FLASH - Tmxxine is now developing the ASQ Wiki-language

Putting the question 'What is the easiest Programming language?' into Next Generation AI search engine BrainBoost gave us the answer 'Curl'

Here are some of the languages we evaluated:

High Level assembler available for Windows and Linux

+ Available for Win / Lin
+ Fast and simpler than most assemblers
- Hard for inexperienced or those new to programming
- Speed is less of an issue

BCX - Possible future adoption
Rapidly evolving BASIC to C translator
+ Developing fast
- no IDE
+ simple Basic language
+ resultant code is usable on any OS

Like most OsmoNaughts I am completely new to the curl language and the inspiration of curlbreaker We started a curl forum to discuss using samples
A new version 3 for Linux is about to be implemented from Beta (Jan 2004)
+ The documentation and manual is first rate
+ Free for non commercial usage
+ Support for 3D and quaternion functions
+ Very simple, comparable to HTML
+ Scripted,
+ Web based
+ fast
+ Accessible to beginners.
- rte plug in is 4 meg
- not widely used

Dark Basic
Primarily a game design system similar to ibasic, many components such as directional sound support and extensive 3D modelling and mapping made this and similar systems of great interest due to ease of use. For a powerful and multimedia rich development this offered ease of use and low end user price.
The language is compiled and calls DirectX for its multimedia content. A simple compiled program may be 5 meg making it difficult for web download for those with slow connections

An open source development of .Net. The project end of 2003 was considered too immature for effective implementation

For future evaluation with Rebol

Squeak - Still being evaluated
Good use of a free smalltalk. Creative potential and play methodology was appreciated. Many design elements making it a potential integrated OS and Programming environment

Open source
Language requires developed computing skills
ALMS is the spin off from this evaluation

Some languages such as Mono were not available at a sufficiently mature level at the time of evaluation (last two quarters of 2003)
Our assessment is that more effort is required in the area of language integrated into chip design. In the present continuum the necessity of zero bug tolerance is subservient to the market.
Integration at this level would therefore be a priority. A language and OS based on a simple script whilst retaining generic high level functions may be dependent on developments in the far east, new embedded devices and telecommunications


Curl applets are embedded text files
the speed of running is dependent on the
machine they are running on