Xxine Project
Attaining divergence and resonance requires a gravitational field generator
which alters the sub quantum threads of string into a new alignment
During the transition reality, effects may defy convention
Sub atomic threads of string behave both as singularities
and as discordant resonances of alternative realities
Increasing the discordance and resonating and amplifying the shift
allows the movement between time and dimensions
Sub quantum threads come into being, having subquantum pre-forming qualities.
The stream of matter generates particles from the quantum level
Strings of varying length/duration come from and through areas
that already exist without exhibiting existence. Dependent on the interaction
such threads of pre-existence are simultaneously 'elliptical', circular (self looping),
particular and infinitly lengthed (passing through all events in the quantum continuum
and macroverse, travelling in a variety of 'forms'
An ending and start point (time related thread) also relates to the quantum field
but is independent of that relationship. The discontinuity between
causal effect enables perceptual pattern existence where none exists. On reaching
the quantum level predimensional insubstantiality disappears yet effect reality
in a more predicable manner
Dimensional travel through the zero mass and zero energy of the 'graviton wave'
alters the resonance and subquantum behaviour
The realignment of threads and string behaviour to an alternative location
facilitates the likelihood of alternative bi-location, tri-location and multi-location
occurrence. Repulsing the existence of such particularisation in one area and attracting
it to a new location moves the probability factor. At the point of emergence in a new
location, repeating this loop, existence in a singular dimension becomes less viable
and the likelihood of emergence in a new reality occurs

With this basic knowledge of time and light it is easier to understand what a light cone is
and how it works. A light cone is built up of three parts: an event, a future light cone
and a past light cone. An event its when something happens. A future light cone
consists of all the paths of light that come from an event and move through time
to the future. A past light cone is made up of all the paths of light that led up to the event

The Tesseract Drawing published in 1928
"Theosophy and the Fourth Dimension" by Alexander Horne