Xxine ALMS

Sitting in front of the TFT screen trying to create a wiki entry for the TMXxine project. A visitor turned up from the Purelands
He had a touch of the Tantric deity about him
and the flaming sword was engulfing the low ceiling
"What do you want Manjushri?" I asked, recognizing the sword. I was trying my best for equanimity and non-attachment. In reality I was quaking in my shell
Boddhisatvahs only turn up when we are in mortal danger or when they are after some boon

Mettaray (the future Buddha) had already

* got me building web sites
* facilitated my possession by Astral Dolphins
* suggested I create new mantras and religions

'The Man' was more light, flames and rainbows than you normally get in a small office.
I kept hitting the enter key absent mindedly, without any ability to move to delete. After an impressive silence, One hundred and eight Returns/Enters filled the screen with blank space
I was wondering whether Saraswati was about when Manjushri who seemed to have more subwoofer than a tornado spoke:
"You will create a program!"
I wanted to mention that I could hardly program
and that his Supreme Emptiness should select someone else, for I was 'not worthy'. The thing is, with a deity in the room the best one can usually manage is stunned silence or gibbering . . .

I choose silence


"Lob, it works! I've had a migraine for the past two days.I downloaded and installed ALMS and spent some time looking at the features and then settled in for some relaxation and meditation with it... The guided suggestions you've included there reminded me to really relax my neck and back and the migraine has vanished after spending time with ALMS."
Joyce from HolyGeeks

ALMS is a simple open source meditation aid freeware program written in XBasic

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In the imagined Reality and Inspiration of the Buddha Realms we practice and contemplate for a time that starts and ends with content

May all be Auspicious
May all Realms Be Well

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